Monday, November 12, 2012

Putting Aside The Unnecessary

It's been 2 weeks since you're away. Time passes so slowly, but it contains an excessive string of events, which is jamming up my head.

Words cannot express how much I missed you. That day after we skyped, I was so elated, but later on I felt much worse. I want you to be by my side again, not just on my computer screen. I want to see your smile, and not being so unreachable. I want to touch your nose, being able to feel your unique bridge, and your existence.

Afterall, I wish for you to be safe.

Friday, October 19, 2012


Do you ever feel like,
You live for others?

Do you ever feel like,
Why is everyone keeping their love to themselves?

Do you ever feel that,
People forget you because to them, you're just some stranger?

Have you ever wonder,
Are you doing the exact same bullshit
but it's what you hated people doing to you?

Let me tell you this,
When I shelter someone with my umbrella, or shelter the crowd going up the bus in the rain,
When I give up my seat to somebody whom I know may need it more,
When I am willingly helping someone... I do them for no damn reason.
Even so, the odd/fairly simple action I made receive some gratefulness, but surfaced more stares.

Compassion is lacking so greatly, it's miserable.
Seeing people drenched, while they stand obliviously beside them and pretend to be blind for a while.
The ignorant, heads-high expressions when they see you looking for a seat, just because 'privileged seats' are not stuck on behind them.
Too many uncountable selfishness pricking at the vulnerability.

The good guys always die first anyway.

I do not know how to move the world, 
but slowly I believe people will see the world with my eyes.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Perspective VS Parallax

See things in a different angle, embracing all areas of unique point of view. And not chancing upon a distorted angle, and simply believing that that's your perfect shot at it.

I must improve on myself, and believing that I can. Making necessary sacrifices because it will be taking me to the end. I shall have a constant reminder of: Does it matter in the end? Do you want to fight for it? Is that your priority?
Nothing else matters.


Friday, September 28, 2012


Feeling empty inside
The part where you can't do anything
You have to make a choice
The silent war
No one seems to hear
Save the inner child
Your unspoken voice

It's just you against everything else
Believe that this, will be your choice
I carry no burden
The worries are gone, diminished like the concerns I once had

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Recreations Of My Mind

Missing you babe.

My mustard top and messy hair.

I wonder how I'll look like with rebonded hair. I am truly afraid that it'll look like I've shrink my head :/ If it sucks, I would prolly do an immediate perm to my poor hair. Get ready to be ultra shocked guys.

something interesting is coming right up! :) confidence level up 0.1%, keep going, you!

Things that boosts me. And set me straight. Some are amazing artists that inspires me a whole lot.

Book fair at expo! :)
That's my cutie cousin.

This little girl actually asked me, "Where is the toy's section?" HAIYOYOUAH.

Sad thing was, I couldn't find any books related to the arts. The one time that I went was filled with books I wanted, (and had so much choices) that I had to pick out the best buys as I can't lug so many of these precious things myself. It was a disappointing trip for me and my brother. Managed to get two fiction books, simply for comforting my dejection. Which in fact their location is now unknown. Haha, just kidding, i picked them so I bet they must be a good read.

Gotta catch some beauty sleep, special karaoke trip with my colleagues! Gotta rest my sultry voice for tomorrow. HAHA, a pleasant night to all living souls.


Monday, September 3, 2012

I Wish To Be Hopping

Didn't update much here. Well, busy bee me will never change her habit.
Anyhow, I believe if I put my heart into doing what I want. I'll get there, no underhand means, no need to fabricate nonsensical nuisance to cover anything. As long as I know I'm trying, honestly I won't give any shit to whomever that tries playing games with me. I'll play along, and beat you at your own game.

Time to get my brain juices running later. I need to make this work!

Did a quick mask to salvage my bad sleeping habits :/ ...not very wise.

Get cracking people. Go for your dreams.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I Didn't Say Much

Wishing everyone a selamat hari raya, Singapore ftw!

I sincerely wish that the harmony of Singapore is still the one core value for all Sg-ians. I love the Malays, Chinese, Eurasians, and Indians. These combined cultures are why we have so much sinfully delicious food here. I take pride in being a Singaporean. Singlish leh (mix of every language), who the hell in the world can do that, except us?! Seriously, we have some hidden talents here. *smirk*

Some quick drawing again hehe.

Miss my diy nails stickers!

This weekend ended way too quickly, in fact it happened every week. Sigh what am I to do.. I need more break, and for myself, breakthrough.

Turning in now, nights fellow sg-ians! *smooches*